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Truck /Delivery Driver

  • 05 Dec 2022
  • Melbourne
  • Permanent
  • REF11083

Profile Experienced and qualified Truck Driver and Forklift Operator specializing in the loading and unloading of items by Manual Handling and forklift operation. Adept in moving items from one area to another, and maintaining efficient documentation of inventories. Operate a range of power and hand tools to complete daily tasks. Experience in the use of construction machinery such as 5 Tonne excavators, skid steers, 3 Tonne rollers, and scissor lifts. Experienced in preserving a clean and safe working environment, and working in compliance with Victorian Traffic Rules and Regulations. Committed to achieving the timely completion of projects, and working well with other professionals to achieve goals.


Delivery Driver

  • 21 Sep 2021
  • ACT
  • Permanent
  • REF47734

I am a keen Learner and I also display a high deal of respect with in the workplace. I am open to opportunities where I can move and grow with in the company and I am also up for getting different licenses for different machinery. I am eager to get my dump truck license and am keen to get out and learn more and more skills.