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How it all works

Recruit Australia will ensure we have a good understanding of the position. This may include a site visit, meeting with the position supervisor/manager and, if available, obtaining a written position description we then set up an applicant needs matrix.

It is important that once Recruit Australia has sourced and interviewed candidates that you review their resumes and discuss their suitability with us within 24 hours. This can take the form of a short Y/N email or phone call stating your wish to interview one or more of the candidates presented. Delaying this process will not only put-on hold on further resumes being forwarded, but may mean we lose the best candidates, who generally do not remain available for long.

The process will vary with each position, but Recruit Australia will complete all or part of the following process. The precise recruitment procedure will be determined once we have taken on your job vacancy assignment:

  • Ensure a thorough job and candidate description
  • We create an internal applicant Matrix
  • Conduct a thorough candidate database search
  • Approach known, suitable candidates to discuss the position
  • Write and place advertisements
  • Internet advertising
  • Screen resumes
  • Conduct phone screening
  • Assess all applications
  • Conduct behavioural & assessment interviews face-to-face (or via Zoom) utilising PSC (Position Specific Criteria)
  • Utilise Executive Placement Procedures (EPP) to recruit all positions including Flexi Contract Staff
  • * Conduct aptitude & psychological profiling
  • Arrange an interview at your premises with final round candidates
  • Assist with the negotiation of the job offer with the successful applicant
  • * Medical and health assessments
  • Provide advice on remuneration packages
  • Reference check candidates using targeted reference techniques
  • Provide a guarantee of replacement for a period of three (3) months
  • Forward the letter of offer
  • Provide candidate follow up and ongoing support
  • Handle all correspondence with unsuccessful candidates


* Optional service. Additional fees apply.

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