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Recruit Australia - TOB'S

  1. Should your company decide to employ a candidate as a direct result of Recruit Australia’s informed recommendation, Recruit Australia will invoice you. This also applies if your company has previously received and/or reviewed the candidate’s resume directly and you have not spoken directly to the candidate. However, this does not apply if the candidate has previously been interviewed by your company and you are in active discussions with the candidate.
  2. Payment within the invoice terms is required to validate the Guarantee. Should the Guarantee Period not be validated by payment within the set terms, there will be no entitlement to receive replacement candidates and the initial amount of the invoice remains payable in full by your company (‘you”).
  3. Should the employee placed by Recruit Australia leave or be released for any reason other than redundancy within this Guarantee Period Recruit Australia will replace this employee at no additional cost (approved advertising excluded).
  4. The Guarantee relates to the candidate's competence for the position to which they were appointed and does not cover circumstances that are deemed to be beyond the control of Recruit Australia such as a redundancy because of a company restructure, transferring a candidate to a position that he or she was not initially recruited for, or unlikely events such as death or permanent incapacitation.
  5. The Guarantee Period applies till a suitable applicant is found. However, after the 3 months period from their start date should a replacement employee leave or be released for any reason, Recruit Australia accepts no further liability for additional replacements.
  6. Should no replacement be needed at the time, Recruit Australia will credit 50% of the total fee towards your next hiring, provided Recruit Australia is notified in writing within the Guarantee Period of your wish to defer the replacement. The credit issued will only be valid for your next hiring from Recruit Australia if used within 12 months of the original candidate’s start date for this position.
  7. Either should your company, within 12 calendar months of introducing a candidate to you, engage our candidate as an employee or any other capacity, at any other division, subsidiary, or any related or associated company or firm, Recruit Australia will invoice you as if the candidate had been engaged by you.
  8. Should your company, or any other division, subsidiary, or any related or associated company or firm, terminate a candidate within the Guarantee Period and then subsequently re-engage them within the period of 12 calendar months from the date of termination, Recruit Australia will invoice you (with no guarantee period applicable).
  9. Any meeting and/or contact between you and a candidate introduced by Recruit Australia, whether organized by Recruit Australia or not, will constitute your company’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  10. You may accept these Terms and Conditions either (a) in writing, by signing and returning a copy of these Terms and Conditions to Recruit Australia; or (b) by conduct, by meeting and/or communicating with the Candidate(s) or passing on the Candidate’s personal information to a third party.
  11. All candidate information provided as a short list to the client is confidential, as per the Privacy Act of 1988. The details of all unsuccessful candidates must be disposed of by the client once the successful candidate has been chosen.
  12. You agree to induct the new employee into your workplace and instruct them on how to perform their job safely. The safety of the new employee is your responsibility, and you agree to provide a safe working environment free from hazards and risks to the health and safety of the employee.
  13. You may wish to defer your hiring decision; however, a candidate presented, whether verbally or in writing, will remain a Recruit Australia candidate for a period of 12 months from the initial introduction. If any of our candidates are hired by your organisation whether in a temporary or permanent position within this 12-month period, these terms of business are pending, and the appropriate fee will be invoiced.