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Our Way of Operation


At Recruit Australia we are known for filling the “hard to fill positions” the jobs other recruiters struggle with or simply do not understand the technicality of the position. We only take on jobs that we understand.

When working on these “hard to fill positions” there are three (3) different types of recruitment methods that can be used.

We usually use what we call EPP - Executive Placement Procedures.
EPP is using all 3 types of recruitment methods.
For most positions we would use all 3 methods unless otherwise instructed.

However, the first and most important aspect is to ensure we understand your position and set up an applicant needs matrix.


The methods explained.

  • Headhunting
  • Recruiting
  • Sourcing

1 Headhunting: Is ideal when we need to locate a suitable candidate with a certain skill set. We typically take a proactive, aggressive approach to finding suitable candidates by contacting individuals directly that we feel are qualified.

This means that applicants that are working may get calls from us as we come across their profile or heard of the good work they were doing at their current company. This typically works for us as we generally work in the same field as our client and the potential applicant

2 Recruiting: While the definition between headhunting and recruiting is not that different, how the process is used can be. When Recruiting typically our consultant will manage advertising and job board placement and internal data base searching. We will pre-screen and help with or manage the internal interview process.

Our consultant also serves as the single point of contact for the candidate throughout the process in most cases. We will search and locate the most skilled candidate proactively, and also rely on job postings or RA company applicant data base and tracking system.

3 Sourcing: When sourcing our consultants is tasked with finding a specific name, title and/or contact information of a person. How this works is we research using the internet and traditional networking and cold calling methods to find a certain individual. Once the names and contact information are found we then utilise headhunting skills.

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